Scott Sternloff

Enterprise Integration Architect, Information Technology and Services

Hi, I'm Scott Sternloff. Currently doing a deep dive into the world of IoT!

Scott Sternloff's Bio:

Scott Sternloff has 29 Years of experience in IT/Software Development.  Specialize as an Enterprise Solution Architect in Enterprise Application Development, Integration using EAI/ETL Middleware, SOA / Web Services, ESB and BPM (Business Process Management), Workflow, Enterprise Architecture, Security Architecture, Identity Management, Governance, and Technical Infrastructure Architecture.

Proven expertise in Technology Strategy and Enterprise Architecture roadmaps: Professional Services consultant for business architecture, strategy and design for on-premise and cloud-base data integration/management solutions.

Technical Delivery of complex and high profile on-premise and cloud based technical solutions throughout the full SDLC; acting in the capacities of Architect, Mentor, SME, and project oversight.

Actively involved in Business Development including being engaged in the sales cycle, client presentations, business process and technology assessments, definition and delivery of POCs and SOWs.

Scott Sternloff's Experience:

  • Enterprise Application Architect at CAZ, LLC

    Working in emerging technologies and specializing in integration solutions that are transforming legacy business processes into powerful accessible solutions that provide near-term ROI as well long-term support. Involved in several proprietary development efforts that are leveraging mobile application development tying in with BigData, cloud services, predictive streaming services, social media, and geospatial data analytics. Working and current in several integration platforms including webMethods. Responsible for the design, development, and delivery of multiple proof-of-concept solutions.

  • Enterprise Solution Architect at Liaison Technologies

    Scott Sternloff is responsible for the Enterprise Architecture for Professional Services and sits on the Architectural Review Board as an active member in determining strategy, technology, and approach for in-house and client projects. He has personally been responsible for the overall architecture and design for the largest migration of two monolithic client implementations in webMethods 7.1.2 from an on-premises solution into a cloud based offering. Scott has demonstrated techincal expertise across integration platforms including a depth of knowledge in the Healthcare vertical, EDI, web services, cloud services, BPM, and ETL. Scott participated and helped deliver best practices, standards and business strategy for Professional Services and Managed Services. Responsible for determining technical infrastructure including networking, storage, security, identity management, middleware, and demonstrating and getting approval for the approach and implementation for numerous projects key to strategic direction of the company. Actively working as a mentor and teaching elements of the SDLC, Agile methodology, SOA/BPM/ESB. Possesses and utilizes on a daily basis a solid grasp of the webMethods product suite for new and existing solutions as well as prototyping within webMethods 9.x.

  • Senior Integration Architect at Cox Communications

    Responsible for the Integration track of a $36M project encompassing a buildout of a new webMethods 8.2.2 infrastructure leveraging the full suite; including CentraSite, Mediator, Optimize (Process and Infrastructure), and all of BPMS. Worked with the solution architects and the Enterprise Integration team to ensure scalability, performance, high availability and completed the build of the R&D environment. Involved heavily in the high level and detailed designs for the services stack tying together several proprietary subsystems as well as Remedy, Granite, and the AS/400. Developed several POCs demonstrating compatibility for the wM IS 8.2.2 with newer Remedy APIs as well as mentored resources on design/development of a POC to integrate with a custom Java API and expose a public services layer. Involved in setting the best practices, standards for design and coding, as well as the review of all artifacts throughout the lifecycle of the project.

  • Senior Architect at Coalition America

    My primary mission was the direction, architecture, and implementation of integration solutions for both legacy and new business requirements. This includes oversight of the Integration Architecture team as well as the current and future state of the webMethods solutions for a HealthCare EDI claim repricing company. Responsible for the successful implementation of a key initiative supporting a new compliance requirement for EDI in Healthcare. This solution involved a significant redesign, leveraged new technology, and was done with a very limited staff, on a very tight timeframe. Performed code reviews of existing integrations and effected changes that yielded performance improvements varying from 700% to 1200% thereby mitigating additional planned licensing and hardware expenses. Perform ongoing mentoring on webMethods products, act as a SME for production support, and own the Architecture and signoff on all integration solutions. Currently sit on the companies Change Control Board representing the Integration Services team. Planning and in the process of effecting a migration into the webMethods 8 suite of products including having built POCs that demonstrate the capabilities and ROI to be gained using Optimize for Process and switching to a more event driven model.

  • Principal Architect at ACN

    Joined an IT working on implementing a very complex BPM solution leveraging webMethods 8 product suite. Responsible for, as well as performed, the full lifecycle of the implementation of a BPM/workflow solution to support problem resolution for their Canadian offices that was based on a very event driven process model that included human workflow interaction using a custom built inbox portlet that was tailored to their specific requirements. Provided mentoring and support for IT staff regarding clustering, high availability, configuration, migration best practices and implementation, CAF development and leveraging AJAX, BPM and workflow, and analytics leveraging Optimize. Acted as liaison and onsite support representing Software AG as well as team lead for several projects that were highly visible and successfully deployed into production. Had substantial role in the requirements gathering, architecture, design, and implementation of their web services supporting webMethods integration.

  • Principal Consultant at Cox Communications, Inc.

    I was a principal architect and co-inventor of an application for trending and correlating network outages (TnC) within Cox's existing customer base, providing OSS and BSS integration as wells as visibility. This application is unique in the industry and has brought an estimated ROI already in excess of $250k/month to Cox. I engaged development teams from source and target systems to interest them in the product and make them part of the solution. This resulted in faster integration, crystal clear requirements, and new, positive relationships from opposite sides of the company. I was responsible for the design and implementation of the initial integrations and patterns for integrating with Remedy, Google Earth, Informatica, leveraging Oracle Spatial, AS/400 custom applications, and .NET. I was an architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of a high visibility BPM solution for autofulfillment of customer orders (AFE) for new data and cable services. This solution was successfully deployed and was designed to be scalable, abstracts several complex APIs including a proprietary XML interface to a Convergys AS/400 based order entry system, Oracle, SQL Server, Blaze, Equifax, and several offerings. This project provides significant visibility via monitoring of the business process and is now being utilized in the day-to-day management of auto-processed orders. Acted as a SME for integration solutions, the webMethods product suite, and best practices for SOA and BPMS, available as a technical resource for the production support team. Involved in architectural review of all webMethods and ICE core projects in conjunction with the Integration and Development Director at Cox. Involved in assessing the migration forward to webMethods 8 and testing existing applications within this environment.

  • Principal Architect at The Intersect Group

    Consultant in Professional Services. Engagements Included: Cox Communications, RCI, Rollins

  • Architect at RCI

    Lead Architect responsible for the creation of a Center of Excellence (COE) practice for webMethods and defining the use of webMethods as a Middle Tier solution at RCI. Defined best practices, patterns, offshore/onshore model supporting the full project lifecycle. Worked with technical services team to resolve performance, scalability, and reliability issues for webMethods in a production Solaris environment involving webMethods Integration Server, Mainframe, Broker, numerous adapters (wM and custom built), WebLogic and custom java code. Taught several in-house classes on webMethods including the Mainframe Integration Server, Developer, and on web services. Developed several POCs for inhouse opportunities including sample integrations against Siebel, CICS, WebLogic, Oracle, Cisco's IVR, Workflow, and homegrown J2EE solutions. Own and manage the webMethods practice and a team of architects and developers supporting projects with an internal cost of $200k - $5M. Act as a subject matter expert on Unix, clustering, business process modeling and webMethods. Helped in the creation of an approved Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and defining RCI's Service Oriented Architecture offering.

  • Architect at Rollins

    Brought in to provide strong development/architectural capabilities and deliver recommendations on security, infrastructure, coding and design using webMethods 6.1. Mentored several individuals on usage of the Broker, publish and subscribe architecture, error handling, and security best practices. Held several training classes on web services and webMethods. Developed prototypes for leveraging Broker, error handling, and Auditing. Redesigned/recoded examples within the existing code base to support best practices and solve scalability and performance issues within their existing infrastructure.

  • Principal Architect at Northeast Utilities

    Principal Architect, mentor, and onsite performance and configuration support. Brought in for short-term knowledge transfer, validation of their production infrastructure, and to assist in resolving design/development issues involving Broker, Integration Server, the Mainframe Integration Server, leveraging Solaris, clustering, integration to WebSphere WAS 5.0, WebSphere MQ, Lotus Notes, and .NET. Responsible for providing guidance to staff on how to performance and stress test integrations, provide techniques and tools for testing and capturing data, analyzing data and providing solutions to address performance problems.

  • Principal Architect at AFLAC

    Lead Architect, mentor, and onsite support engineer for numerous projects leveraging webMethods integration software. Originally brought in by webMethods to resolve technical issues integrating with AFLACs mainframe CICS environment and to demonstrate best practices while building several POC integrations that were later put into production. Involved in an ongoing effort to improve the process, standards, and quality control that are involved in the full lifecycle using webMethods tools. Provide mentoring using webMethods (including Java, Mainframe, MQ Series, Modeling, Monitoring, Deployment, and Maintenance). Held an onsite training class in mainframe integration that was very well accepted and tailored specifically to AFLACs integration needs. Involved in several POC efforts during a bake-off by AFLAC for several BPM/Workflow products; provided integration from webMethods to Savvion and Lombardi and solutions that exposed MQ Series, SQL Server, DB2, CICS, and webMethods via Web Services. Currently completing a project integrating document scanning technology with BPM, monitoring, and reporting that will support 30,000+ documents/day in a very scalable architecture. Provide ongoing technical support and design/architecture experience with several projects involving MQ Series, WebSphere, webMethods, SQL Server, DB2, Java, CICS, Active Directory, LDAP/LDAPS, XML.

  • Principal Architect at National City Bank

    Lead Architect, team lead, and principal developer for a proof-of-concept using webMethods to replace an existing middleware solution that had performance, scalability, and high runrate costs for Mainframe MIPS. The POC aimed to demonstrate that webMethods Integration Server 6.0.1, Mainframe Integration Server 6.0.2, custom java, and MQ Series could be wrapped together to create an integration solution that would tie a front-end user based banking application with NCC's legacy mainframe applications while supporting the business logic that currently existed within CICS. The POC was successful in this effort and ten key transactions were designed, developed, and then used in a stress-test showdown against the existing integration solution. Successfully performed mentoring, project knowledge transfer, and delivery of several long-term integration strategies to support their unique requirements.

  • Principal Architect at AAMVA

    Lead Architect and team lead for an initiative to utilize webMethods 6.0.1, Mainframe Integration Server 6.0.2, and proprietary in-house software developed in COBOL, and Visual Basic to create a message based switch that ties together the Department of Motor Vehicles for all the states, the FBI, New Mexico, and Canada for photo lookups of drivers on request. The goal was to architect, design, develop, and deliver a proof-of-concept that webMethods could support the potential volume of traffic, as well as demonstrate the capabilities of webMethods. Mentored team on webMethods integration concepts, how to implement MIS, and created several prototypes to validate connectivity against the internally developed applications. Key challenges were integrating with their new .NET based code, supporting >32K transactions potentially within their CICS environment, and ensuring a scalable, highly available solution that would meet their expected transactions/sec as well as key design requirements. As a result of the effort and the success during the design and development of the first phase of this project several other opportunities were developed internally to deploy webMethods.

  • Principal Architect at Delux

    Principal Architect and technical resource brought on to solve technical issues in the application of webMethods for a critical proof-of-concept utilizing webMethods MIS 6.0.2 and using Microsoft Host Integration Server (HIS) for SNA connectivity against a CICS Mainframe environment. The client was at an impasse and no connectivity existed to validate the product; I was brought on to quickly resolve connectivity, then assist in creating seven integrations that tied the Delux infrastructure into a check ordering system via webMethods. Successfully demonstrated the capabilities of webMethods as well as mentored their team members on webMethods, mainframe integration, MIS, Integration Server, and core competencies required for successful long-term utilization of webMethods as a middleware integration solution.

  • Architect at GE Power Systems

    Lead Architect for an end-to-end solution for GE Power Systems to handle their utilization of corporate HR data by downstream systems while ensuring data protection, performance, dynamic reconfiguration, metrics, monitoring, while exceeding the industry requirements. This integration is a framework that handles incremental dataloads from a data warehouse and then builds a dynamic canonical for employees that contains only the core changed information from the corporate Oracle HR system tables as used by GE Power Systems. We developed an in-house customizable, extensible framework for publishing and subscribing to information that layers on top of the ATC framework. It is a complex, but highly reusable, and configurable java framework that provides substantial benefits in terms of our key deliverables. Excluding the end-system connectivity, which will vary over time, this integration leverages the ATC framework, substantive amounts of custom Java, Oracle, and the Oracle Intelligent Adapter.

  • Architect at GE Energy Rentals

    Lead Architect for the first integration within GE Energy to integrate and web enable an existing back-end production system. This integration ties a WebLogic GUI utilizing JSPs, Java Beans, Oracle, and JDBC to an existing AS/400 equipment rental application (RentalMan). The integration utilizes the webMethods Enterprise Server environment and adheres to the strict integration standards defined within GE Energy. Also delivered the first integrations within GE to leverage the JDBC, EJB, and XML adapters from webMethods.

  • Architect at webMethods

    Lead technical resource within Professional Services responsible for ensuring clients successfully implement the webMethods products suite; core objectives include appropriate tools selection, methodology, architecture, best practices, implementation, reusability, and performance. Engagements Included: Georgia Pacific Provident Bank Michelin AMS GE Power Systems & GE Plastics Bridgestone

  • Architect at Georgia Pacific

    Acted as an architect as well as a developer for production solutions involving webMethods B2B Server, MQ Series, several proprietary in-house systems, Oracle, and SAP. Successfully delivered several production integrations that resulted in an end-to-end paperless purchase order delivery. Developed several Proof of Concepts demonstrating the functionality of the B2B Server, the Enterprise Server, and several third party adapters including SAP, and MQ Series. Worked with them to take the fullest advantage of the B2B environment and in determining the best way to incorporate this technology into their workplace.

  • Technical Architect at MCI Systemhouse

    Lead Technical Architect for a $7M project to replace a legacy internal sales representative commissions system for 5000+ personnel. The new application is a hybrid both in hardware and software. The back-end is supported by Enterprise Sun Servers and a cluster of Microsoft NT Servers. The application utilized Java, HTML, distributed HahtSite, GemStone (Smalltalk), and Perl. Involved in the full life cycle for analysis, design, development oversight and mentoring, and delivery planning. Responsibilities included delivery of the high-level design, detailed design validation, support of the relational and the object model, architecture logical design and systems support, client interfacing (model, design, and functionality issues), and subject matter expert for legacy system within project.

Scott Sternloff's Interests & Activities:

Windsurfing, Gymnastics, Scuba Diving, Travel